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Speed Painter Evan Struck

''We could not have asked for a better experience!''

-Cleveland Guardians-


Speed Painter Evan Struck

"My name is Casey Doyle, and serve as the Chairman for a non-profit organization called Communities in Schools of the South Plains.  We just recently had our annual benefit event and it was a huge success.  A big part of the success was our involvement with Speed Painter Evan Struck and his painting/performance capabilities.  I can not say enough about what Evan brought to our event.  He was professional, respectful, and a huge asset to the entire evening.  Not only is he a speed painter that can perform in front of any crowd, he can immerse himself in the event, get to know the people involved, and his talents with painting are incredible.  We asked Evan to perform a speed painting performance of Raider Red (Texas Tech Mascot) to start the evening as well as painting a picture during the event for people to just watch.  Our event was centered around sneakers, so he painted a retro Air Jordan (something he has never done before), and he did it unbelievable fashion.  For our actual auction, he helped us raise over $25,000 for his work which included three pieces of his art.  Absolutely incredible!!  I have developed a friendship with Evan now and will support him in anyway possible.  Our organization does so much for our local children, and the revenue we made from his work is going to make a huge impact.  I will be a reference for Evan if anyone ever needs to know how to maximize his capabilities for any charity events. I greatly look forward to working with him again next year."

Communities In

"Thank you so much for the painting! A truly incredible Speed Painting!"

Benny The Bull


"I love it, man! Great work!"


Jason Reynolds

"Evan is a true professional and an amazing performer. Everything from pre, during and post-

performance was a breeze. He is great at connecting with his audience and his work is one of a

kind. The special painting he did of our mascot will be in our student center for a long time!"

Northern Kentucky University

“Speed Painter Evan Struck had the crowd mesmerized by his performance.  Everyone had their phones out recording the entire time.  His art keeps the everyone in suspense until the final moment when he pulls it all together and the painting comes to life.  One of our donors was even in tears! Do not miss an opportunity to hire Evan for your event, you won’t regret it.”  



The speed painting of Evan Struck captivated our worship experience in a way that drew people to Jesus. The power and mystery of his painting from the first stroke to the last as well as his interaction with our people before and after the services honored Jesus in an incredible way. I highly recommend him for your worship service or event. Evan's faith flowed naturally in every conversation from our first interaction through the planning of the service until the last person left. His willingness to customize a painting for our Christmas Eve service was outstanding!


We commissioned Evan to create two paintings for our company's Christmas party. The first painting was flawless and kept the entire staff entertained throughout the evening. However, the live speed painting was truly something extraordinary. People are still talking about it to this day. Both pictures proudly adorn the walls of our office.


We can’t thank you enough for entertaining the audience and helping to raise funds to help with medical expenses for kids. The audience was in awe of your talent and we enjoyed working with you tremendously! 



I first saw Evan Struck when I was with a group of friends at a social gathering.  I was mesmerized.  When it came time for me to plan a major event for a corporate function, I knew Evan was a perfect addition for an evening of entertainment.  As I imagined and predicted, he was spectacular!  Attendees at the event could not stop talking about Evan’s performance.  The best part of all was dealing with Evan.  He is easy-going and is willing to customize his performance to meet your needs.  A true talent and entertainer! 

Jet East Aviation

Thank you again for such an incredible evening! The crowd absolutely loved your paintings/performances - it really added a special touch to our anniversary celebration, and we are very grateful you were able to join us! 

Lago Custom Events

Speed Painter Evan Struck, is one of a kind! He is so awesome and catches your eye with what he does. He is so easy to work with and to paint in front of 800 people takes so much confidence! We were thankful for his painting to kick off our event! It got everyone excited to spend their money for the Shallowater education foundation! 

Shallowater Education 


“I just wanted to send a note to tell you how much we all loved Evan Struck. Man, what a talent! On top of that, he was so kind and gracious. I loved his paintings and interaction with the students. His speed painting was the perfect way to end a beautiful day of Spring Fling. He is definitely someone I want to have back.”

University Of


"It’s evident that Evan Struck puts his all into each painting to perfect it – he cares immensely about the quality of his work and it shows! On top of his work ethic, he’s incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with."

Pga Tour


"First time I have got a painting in victory lane... This guy was fast!"

Joey Logano

" Speed Painter Evan Struck was great! He was a huge hit, we packed out the ballroom and the students really enjoyed the show."

University Of 

"Amazing! Thank You! Cannot wait to share your painting with the world, You are beyond talented!"



"Easy to work with, super talented, exceptional crowd engagement, and overall great experience!"

Bowling Green 

“Evan is unbelievable at what he does and a true professional! Our crowd was excited and connected throughout the whole performance and amazed at the special speed painting artwork he did of Bearcat. Our students, fans, and staff all wanted to painting after the fact to hang in their offices and was a perfect piece to our Mascot Mania basketball gameday. He is definitely someone I would want to have back and recommend for any halftime performance. Thank you Evan!

University of


"Evan is an amazing talent that captivates his audiences. His work is professional and unique. Our audience was mesmerized by his performance!" - Matthew Aubin, Jackson Symphony Orchestra conductor 



We were excited to have Speed Painter Evan Struck at our game vs. Michigan State. The level of detail Evan is able to portray on a canvas in such a short amount of time is awesome to see. The fans we tuned in the entire time and loved the performance. To boot, we will be auctioning the painting off to support our Brutus Buckeye scholarships!


Our fundraiser gala is the sole event we organize to raise funds for our private Christian school. Evan played a pivotal role in its success by creating a stunning school logo painting, which we auctioned off, and performing a live painting of Jesus Christ that generated a substantial amount of money for our school. The parents still marvel at Evan's talent, and many individuals have expressed their desire for him to return next year.


My name is Alicia Glover, and I serve as the communications manager for the Wellstar Foundation. As part of my role, I contributed to the development of this year's program. A notable addition was Evan, a talented speed painter who made a remarkable impact. The moment we announced his participation, everyone was thrilled and filled with anticipation. Evan's vibrant energy truly enlivened the room, resulting in a significant amount of funds raised. It was an incredible experience for all involved!

Wellstar Foundation

“We were excited to include Evan into our post-game entertainment prior to our fireworks show.  During this down time, all eyes are on our entertainment as fans wait for our fireworks show to start.  Evan did an amazing job keeping our crowd entertained during his performance.  Evan is an extremely talented artist/performer and the process leading up to the show was extremely smooth.  We could not have asked for a better experience!”

Cleveland Guardians

Speed painter Evan Struck was a great addition to our fundraiser.  His talent and excitement for art was evident through his performance and fabulous artwork.  The audience was engaged and of course a dedicated UGA community who loved Harry the Dog.  Evan added energy and momentum to the entire evening. 

Cross Plains CC


From the booking process and pre-event conversation to performance and post-event follow up, Speed Painter Evan Struck is an absolute professional and outstanding addition to any event lineup. Our attendees were drawn to his stage presence and marveled at the three pieces completed during our annual MLK Jr. Day Celebration. We will unquestionably have Evan back for another city event.

Mizzou Athletics was so thrilled to have Speed Painter Evan Struck join us and paint at halftime of our SEC Opener vs. Georgia. Evan was fantastic to work with and is a wizard with his paint bushes! Our mascot is beloved, so our fans loved seeing Evan’s painting come to life of their favorite Tiger. The fans were completely engaged and loved the performance. Thank you, Evan and Tyson, for being such great partners!

City Of Boca Raton


Speed Painter Evan Struck was an incredible addition to our game day production! We booked him for our biggest home game of the year, and it was a great success! Everyone stayed in their seats for the performance and students, donors, and fans alike were inquiring about the beautiful painting that was completed. We are thinking about doing this every year and creating a series! 

What I truly appreciated about Speed Painter Evan Struck was how skillfully he incorporated our Wish Kids. They had the opportunity to experience the paintings and even handprint them. I highly recommend Evan for future events. He was fabulous to work with, and his team was incredible – super attentive to detail, ensuring everything went smoothly! I would unquestionably recommend him for future Make-A-Wish Galas across the country!"


The University Of Arizona 

Make-A-Wish Georgia 

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